I'm Max. 

I write copy for brands, ride bikes, climb rocks, and spin the occasional yarn. 

I also recently finished writing my first novel. It's a crime/comedy of errors, which takes place entirely inside a hotel on one very hot and very violent midwest afternoon. 

Damn. You hate reading, and you're not a brand. I get it. But don't go just yet. Maybe listening is your thing? I'm the host and narrator of The MAD Fictioncast, a podcast filled with magic, monsters, and mayhem where we narrate short fiction to original soundtracks inspired by the story and interview the authors. Some of our authors and guests include Jonathan Ames, Kelly Link, Amelia Gray, and Jeff Vandermeer. Humble brag? Probably. 

If I have your attention now, then consider typing in your email address below to find out more information. If you don't type in your email address below, there's no telling what could happen.

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Now that you've successfully averted disaster (for now), you can move on to McSweeney's.net and read about my very first, very exclusive writing class. 

And don't forget Dislocated, a graphic novel about a lonely grocery store clerk who wakes up to find that everyone in sight has seemingly died overnight. Also adding to his problems: parents that just don't understand, a broken heart, the insidious threat hunting him outside, and a jailbreak at the local zoo. 

Speaking of zoos, my favorite animals are Godzilla, Bigfoot, and the Giant Squid. 

I was once a background actor on television and met P. Diddy on the set of C.S.I. Miami. I told him I loved his work in there. I lied.

My hometown was listed as one of Buzzfeed's 12 Bleakest Places on Earth.

The truth is out there.