I don't know if blog is the right word for this, but it's the first word that comes to mind. 

This isn't a sequel or a reboot of Make It MAD. If you're looking for my thoughts as a single man on faith and love and the church and sex, you can stop by there anytime.

Here you will find poetry and fiction, the occasional essay, updates about my latest books, stories of my adventures, and the videos I shoot and/or edit. 

I don't know who started telling writers they had to blog every day and force themselves into a niche (something that gave me great anxiety while committed to Make It MAD), but I'll be posting here only when inspiration strikes. Which is to say, without warning and without schedule.

Since I began writing, I set out to elicit one major reaction from anyone who read my works: "That was by Max Andrew Dubinsky?!" 

So it is my hope as I roll out new writings here, and in the coming months when I release my second collection of short fiction in November, that I continue to surprise you and leave you with something worth talking about. 

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As always,

Thank you for reading.