I'm Max.

I'm a writer, and I teach a very exclusive class over at McSweeney's. If you'd like to become a writer too, let me help you.

I've also written commercials for Char-Broil Grills...

... and often help brands like The Wheelhouse, Signal Snowboards, and Live Nation find their voice.

Damn. You hate reading and you're not a brand. I get it. But don't go just yet. Maybe listening is your thing? I'm the host of The MAD Fictioncast, a podcast filled with magic, monsters, and mayhem where I narrate short fiction to original soundtracks inspired by the story and interview the authors. Some of those authors have been Jonathan Ames, Amelia Gray, and Aimee Bender. 

Chicago Public Radio commissioned me to write and tell an original story about a world fresh out of fresh water for their After Water project. In the first sentence, the world ends. A few sentences later, teenagers are bored to death, daring each other to see who can stand outside in the sun the longest and wondering where they'll find deodorant for Prom. 

And I cannot forget Dislocated, a project of which I am very proud. It's a wholly unique, episodic storytelling experience I wrote and created featuring infinite scrolling, original artwork, and man-eating wolves.

I understand. You have a short attention span and you're checking this website out at work while Jim recaps the monthly expense reports via frikkin' power point, and human resources has just turned off Facebook to increase workplace productivity so you really only have a minute to look at something that's not an excel spreadsheet. Well, my short story, The Bird, was just published by the dreamy, wild, and uncompromising lit mag Cheap Pop. And it will only take a literal minute to read. 



Wow. You're still here. Let me tell you some other interesting things about me. I was once a background actor on television shows like How I Met Your Mother and CSI: Miami yet an Emmy for "Best Background Miming on a Canceled Television Program" still eludes me.  

My hometown was listed as one of Buzzfeed's 12 Bleakest Places on Earth. 

I studied at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and also work as a video editor. 


I did not edit this movie, but this is what I imagine every time I tell someone I write AND edit - this could be me working for you. 

Here are some things I DID edit.

In an attempt to shed their old, retirement community image, Palm Springs hired us to go out and capture just how young and alive the desert oasis really is. In the edit, I wanted the subject to be constantly moving through the city. 

One of Winston Salem's newest bars feels lifted from the pages of LA Noir, and that's exactly how I wanted to capture it. Shot and edited by Max Andrew Dubinsky. Music by Matthew Carpenter

Located in Winston Salem, Xpedition Gear sells a mixture of new and vintage camping equipment. To really capture the spirit of Xpedition Gear, I shot this with a 90s VHS look and feel, and kept the edit short and sweet in order to optimize it for instagram.

The Wheelhouse is a bicycle and coffee shop located in Downtown Los Angeles. My idea here was to edit not to music, but to the sounds of both shops - merging the barista's grinders and the mechanic's wrenches into harmony.

Alex Beard traveled to Africa to paint the elephants and sell his work in order to finance outposts which could keep elephants safe from poachers. He filmed for over 30 hours, and asked if I could somehow tell his story in 3 minutes. Of course I could.

Food for the Hungry sent me to Bangladesh to shed light on the financial hardship, lack of education, and the oppression of its homeless, its women, and its children. Shot and cut by Max Andrew Dubinsky. Music by David Crowder.

During my time working for Fullscreen in Los Angeles, Instagram announced it would allow 15 second videos. Naturally, every studio on the planet jumped on this new feature, and I was lucky enough to edit a few trailers and promos.

When ABC Family was still around, they liked to surprise folks at gas stations during the holiday season with free tanks of gas. Only catch was, you had to sing Christmas Karaoke.